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From The Dog World to Coding

Hello. I’m Terrance Walker, a jack of many skills from Los Angeles, California. While mostly known for working within the pet care industry by many, WordPress and business building are also great skills of mines. Whether you require an affordable new website or update to an existing site, I’m your go-to man!

My journey into WordPress started with a craving to get into the technology world. I always thought programming was cool. The whole idea of writing code and watching things come alive was exciting to me. Like many, I figured it would be impossible pickup but went on to take a few online courses and caught on to it quick. Putting these new found skills to use with the idea of freelancing led me into WordPress and from there I felt home. Fast-forward to now, I’ve become a dedicated self-taught front-end developer while still building my skills. View Portfolio

  • WordPress 80% 80%
  • Shopify 80% 80%
  • HTML 90% 90%
  • CSS 85% 85%
  • JavaScript 50% 50%
  • PHP 35% 35%
  • Other Skill-Sets 100% 100%

©2019 TerranceWalker

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